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Published 7/28/2015
CyrTools - Updates for Control Users
In this issue:
  • Implementation Services - Save $25/hour!
• What makes a great salesperson?

Implementation Services: We can help!


Have you been wanting to:

    • Modify the layout of existing work orders, invoices or certain reports?
• Create a custom report from data in your system? (dream up the ideas - we will bring it to life!)
• Meet one-on-one for in-depth training on a particular topic? (or train a new staff member quickly!)
• Automate follow-ups, notifications, invoice & more with macros?
• Tweak your pricing, change formulas or update your parts?
• Have an implementer visit your location for onsite training?



...our Implementers can do any (or all!) of those for you!


Ryan Lander from Endagraph, says...



Why is now the best time?



1. Our team of trainers is growing - we have more experts ready to help!
2. For a limited time, we are offering a discount on training hours*!
    Save $25 per hour

Get Training Hours


Discounted Rate - $125/hour

Buy More & Save!

Purchase 5 or more hours and the rate is $112.50/hour!

  Standard training hour rate is $150/hour. Special pricing is available until August 11, 2015.

Sign Sales DNA Project

  What is the makeup of an ideal salesperson? Industry consultant Dave Fellman has launched The Sign Sales DNA Project, a research study to determine what skills, attitudes and personality traits are most important to sign salespeople.

The goal is to identify both what salespeople think is important, and what management thinks is important, and ultimately to get everyone on the same page.

We are excited to sponsor this study and encourage you to take a few moments to complete the survey - you'll receive the basic findings report along with a discount offer on a more comprehensive report.

Take the Survey!

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