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Published 3/15/2016
CyrTools-News for Control Users
In this issue:
  • Did you know? Totals bar in Explorer
• Updated! Call info for Consulting Webinars
• Training Webinar - Document Management

Did you know?

Explorers have the ability to group and total the information shown. To view this:

  1. Open any Explorer, click Options
2. From the dropdown menu, select "Show Totals Bar" - this appears under the list of search results
3. Right click under any column in the Totals Bar to view total and count options.

Updated - Call Info for Consulting Webinars

The phone number and web access link for the Consulting Webinars has changed. Please update any saved information you access. Join us Tuesday-Friday at 1pm CST.

  Call: 1-312-757-3121
Access Code: 793-714-717

Document Management in Control - Learn More

The Consulting Team is here to help you do more with Control. If you would like to set up document folders in your company records, estimates and orders, they can help!


Here's what you can do:

    • Store relevant files (artwork, permits, renderings, photos, etc.) directly inside the order, estimate, or customer record - accessible by anyone using Control.
Automatically create checklists and folders (like Logos or Artwork) for new Document Management folders.
and so much more!


Document Management Overview Webinar

    • Next week, we are highlighting Document Management capabilities in place of the regularly scheduled Consulting Webinar
• Join us on Wednesday, March 23rd at 1pm CST
• Get your document management questions answered and see what's possible!

Join the Session

    Same as the daily Consulting Webinar info above!
    Document Management Training, Wednesday 3/23

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