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These classes begin at 1pm CST and are expected to run 20-40 minutes.

Here's the latest CyrTools:
(Sent July 11, 2012)

We've just released a new version called: Control (04.60.1207.0201)

  • To get the update, login to and go to "Training" then the
    "Update Control" page.
  • Here's what the update includes:
    • Notable Fixes and Changes
      • Added the ability to put images on UDF Custom Layout forms and templates.
      • Fixed an issue with using Auto Import to import large files.
      • Added a security right to allow the ability to change multiple stations at once. 
    • Check the Release Notes on the Wiki for a full list here.

Have you been to an In-Depth Traning Class yet? Don't forget these are a great way to get FREE training every Thursday. 

Visit and select the "Tech Support" tab.
Click on the "CyrTools" section. From there, you'll find the link to attend the class. 

Here are the upcoming topics:

  • 7/12/2012(Thursday)   Pricing Levels, Promotions, Lookup Tables, and Discount Tables: 
    What's the difference and when to use each.
  • 7/19/2012(Thursday)   Pricing Plans:  How to setup pricing plans to charge differently for
    the exact same product
  • 7/26/2012(Thursday)   Product Layouts:  How to customize the way the data displays
    on estimates, invoices, and work orders.
  • 8/02/2012(Thursday)   Selection List:  How dependent lists can make entering orders easier.


Previous classes - over 15 sessions available to watch at any time, including:

  • Inventory: Tracking Inventory, When it Increases & Decreases, and Inventory Reports.
  • Scheduling Equipment and Labor
  • Reports: How to Customize a Standard Report to Get the Info You Need
  • UDFs:  How to track additional company, customer, and transaction information by using UDFs.
  • Stations: What are They? Order vs. Line Item Level - Why to Use Which.
  • Tips and Tricks: How to move faster through Control.
  • Estimate Entry: Create an Estimate from Start to Finish.

To view these videos, visit the customer webiste at:  
After you login in, select the "Traning" tab, then click "3. Basic Training". 

Be sure to let us know what other in-depth topics you would like to learn more about!


Our latest conversation was with Linda Nelson, owner of Signs & Graphics, Inc.
    Favorite Feature: Activities & Time Stamp - every conversation with customers is
    logged with notes. Everyone in our business can see the last communication and we can
    instantly pull up the details.
    Biggest Time Saver: Locating previous orders from 2-3 years ago in seconds.
    ...continue reading on the blog

Check out these previous conversations:
Keith Nichols, InkDOTS
    Favorite Feature: Charging for extras. Now that I see my costs, we aren't under
    Biggest Time Saver: No more paperwork nightmares. Morning review of jobs only
    takes 15 minutes now.
    ...continue reading on the blog

Darwin Buehler, Signs Now #114
    Favorite Feature: Fast Invoicing. As soon as the job is completed in Control, we trigger
    an invoice. We stay on top of collecting our money.
    Biggest Time Saver: Minimal rework in the shop now. No more missing info or
    incomplete work order.
    ...continue reading on the blog